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We at PENTACODES IT SOLUTIONS build web applications which are fast and scalable with beautiful design and astonishing web UX while considering the current standards and trends.

Web is a vast platform and Web Application Development is the favorite part of our company’s portfolio. A Web Application is nothing but a software which runs on a web server.

Why Web Applications?

They transform your business processes.

Creates an enormous amount of cost savings.

Unlike desktop applications, they don’t include any downloading or installation procedure.

They are operated simply with a web browser, making it much easier for your customers to use and interact.

So, do you have a thought for web application? Does your product or organization need a responsive web application? Or do you need an assistance with web application design or simply help with a superior UX? We can assist you with that - we do web application development.

Our web applications are most commonly used on the front-end of HTML5, CSS3, Angular, etc. and we use PHP frameworks for back-end. Using the web applications, which we create, our clients can serve their customers more efficiently, work with ease & collaboratively, and streamline their business processes.

How we build web applications?

For the entire time, we will work firmly together with you. As our customer, you will perceive how your web application develops. From the thought through a model and plan to the beautiful customized web application only for your requirements.

Idea - This is the initial move towards your web application. It is usually the idea with which you come to us. Here we ask questions like for what good reason you need a web application, how, and what. We will assist you with exploring your thought in this stage.

Web Design - The visual design of the web application should be clean and straightforward, excellent and reliable at the same time. Which is quite challenging to accomplish. The correct balance is a key, yet never at a cost of usability. We make fresh web applications, so the design is likewise a vital part of the web application development process at PENTACODES .

Web Development - Years of understanding, experience, and use of the most recent technologies are the key parts of web application development at PENTACODES. Gradual advancement of web applications, cautiously overseen iterations and sprints do guarantee high reliability in conveyance of web applications we create.

Fresh Web Application - At the point when your new web application is developed and appropriately tested, the following stage is to deploy the application to a hosting. Depending upon the size of your web app we can deploy your web application your own VPS, a hosting provider, or onto an adaptable cloud solution like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and so forth.

Optional Support- And what happens when your web application is finished? Is it like from that point you’re on your own? Unquestionably no! We additionally give client and technical support services to our customers for each web application we create for them. At that point, you can make certain we are close-by to assist you with any issue which may emerge - as long as you need us.

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