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Having a website in this consistently evolving and advancing online world is an unquestionable requirement particularly for small businesses or companies selling products and services. In the event that you plan on having a great deal of clients, you need an online or digital presence to give your customers information in one click. On the off chance that you don't; you'll fail out in a matter of moments without an open platform as the backbone of your brand.

You’ll be shocked to know that around 46 percent of small businesses didn’t have a website in 2016 but within a year the percentage dropped to a staggering 29 percent. So, what made people change? Why does the users are showing lot of interest in web or online stores? We will see all that in this post.

Here are 15 reasons which will explain to you why an online or digital presence is essential for a profitable and successful business:

1. Builds Creditability

Just by being on the web, your small business will pick up noteworthiness and credibility. Consider when you're searching for a particular thing; you have a speedy Google Search and discover a site that is focused and has incredible reviews. That being stated, you have to ensure you look professional, remain current or modern, and appear on search engines else you'll lose that status quickly.

2. Cuts Cost

Having an online business can cut the expense of shop lease, staff, utility bills, and tax. You can cooperate with the customer directly and arrange delivery at a small amount of the cost. Then again, in case you're a large organization and have a forum, then you can easily interact with your staff wiping out the requirement for unlimited meetings and huge travel bills. Apart from that, businesses who are moving to E-Commerce website don’t need a physical store for running the business.

3. Easy to Set Up

Numerous small business owner and entrepreneurs invest hours endeavoring to create their very own tenderfoot website since they would prefer not to spend the money. Developing and maintaining a site has never been easier with the help of online web builders, you can have a capable and rapid network set up in hours. You don't have to depend on anybody to update it for you; you can utilize their master database whenever you want to keep your site unblemished and intact.

4. Makes Business Accessible & Available at All Times

A website is accessible to your customers 24/7 and 365 days a year. In the event that they are awake at midnight and wants to buy something from you, then they can simply browse your site and do this immediately. Having a digital presence likewise gives them a convenient option to review your products and services even when your store or office is shut.

5. Improves Customer Service

Having an online presence will enable you to improve and enhance your customer support. In case you're a store owner and have multiple staff members, then you can't supervise them 24/7 to see how they are communicating with customers. In the online world, nonetheless, nothing remains a secret; you can monitor and analyze your staff's work and make sure your clients are getting prompt and helpful response.

6. Targets Bigger Markets

Regardless of whether you sell products or services, a website is an alternative platform to showcase and sell them. You can reach customers that are in another town or nation just by having online presence. With our bustling lifestyles we are reverting to online browsing instead of spending time in physical shops looking at products. A site can do products promotion 100 times quicker than a retail store.

7. Time-Saver

It's a great help and time-saver for yourself as well as your customers. You don't need to haul products to and from your distribution center to a store and the customer doesn't have to walk around erratically glancing through shelves or racks for their ideal purchase. "Studies demonstrate that once a shopper has a thought of what they want, they begin researching, and 72% of them go online to discover reviews, testimonials, and educational material" as indicated by an ongoing purchaser journey report.

8. Platform to Showcase Your Work

Regardless of what sort of industry you're in, a website is a great method to showcase your products, services, or simply work. You can do this through an image gallery, online portfolio, and even customer reviews. You can show why your business is remarkable and offer input about your work. Take Amazon for instance, most customers base their conclusion on the merchant after reading the reviews.

9. Enables You to Stay Current

Digital presence is an incredible platform to enable you to keep up-to-date. You can refresh your information and add/remove products in one single click. Regardless of whether it's breaking news or the most recent trend, if you're quick, you can beat your opposition and launch it first.

10. Provides You an Online Presence

A recent report performed by Verisign detailed that 84% of buyers trust those small business having websites are more trustworthy than ones who don’t have one. It likewise reported that 65% of buyers consider a company work email to be more credible than a conventional email for example, Gmail, Yahoo,, etc. In the present tech-savvy world, you need a solid digital presence, a website, and you'll need social accounts to associate with your customers on another platform.

11. Assists You Beat the Competition

Following on from the past advantage, a well promoted website can enable you to gain market share to the detriment of your opposition. So as to do this, you need an extraordinary website that offers customers an exceptional experience.

12. Improves Interaction with Customers

Another important reason for you to take your business online is that you can interact with your customers whenever and wherever you want. This could be through live chat, news posts, comments on your website, or email conversations. You'll be accessible to offer your expert suggestions and demonstrate your credibility at any random minute.

13.Extraordinary MarketingChannel

Simply by having a site, you can advertise your products and services and reach hundreds of thousands of people. By staying up-to-date with the most recent and trending digital marketing strategies, you can make your website to climb and rank higher in search engines.

14. Creates Return Business

Anybody can without much of a stretch lose a electrician's business card or overlook the name that their friends recommended. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a website, they can undoubtedly save you in their favorites and come back to your webpage at whatever point they need your services or simply information.

15. Build a Readership

Publishing news, information, and content on your new products or services will assist you to attract targeted and relevant audience. Using email marketing, you can connect with your customers and offer them exclusive access or discounts that basically new shoppers wouldn’t have.


Are you a new business and haven’t created a website yet? If so, let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below…

To truly receive the benefits of having a website for your business, it needs to fill in as your professional digital presence making it simple for users to discover and reach you. It ought to be upgraded and SEO-friendly website so people can discover it when they look on the web. It also needs to be simple for you to refresh or update your content each time you have to roll out an improvement or basic changes to your website.

If you’re a new business or company and haven't created a website yet, then feel free to contact us and we can help you with that. Pentacodes is one of the best website developers in Dubai, UAE.

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