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Post By: admin March 16, 2019

In this post, you will learn about how to build quality backlinks for your new website. So, before we go to the secrets of getting backlinks, we need to first understand what a backlink is? Well, it is nothing but an incoming link to your website from any other website. Now, what powers do the backlinks exhibit. Being a crucial aspect of Digital Marketing, quality backlinks can drive more traffic to your website and also can benefit your SEO. That’s why, the best digital marketing companies focus more on backlinking while doing off-page SEO.

So, if you’re now intrigued and interested in building a backlinking strategy for your fresh website, then this post can help you with that.

Before you implement this strategy, the main doubt which might come to your mind is that no one knows who you are or what your website provides. So, why other websites give a backlink to your website? After all, people like backlinking websites or businesses who are already famous.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t start right away from the scratch with your obscure website name. In fact, you don’t actually need to be well known to build quality backlinks. There are many ways using which you can achieve the same without being a celebrity in the market.

So, below we will look into eight of the different ways that can help you build quality backlinks for your website.

Write Content that are Competitive:

At the core of producing backlinks is making extraordinary content that are competitive. On the off chance that you don't have good content worth linking to, at that point, nobody will give you a backlink. It's actually very straightforward. Content creators or writers just want to utilize pictures or precedents from pieces of content that are convincing and fascinating.

At the point, when any website include content that is not compelling, less competitive, and tedious, it can do nothing for that site's SEO in light of the fact that nobody considers linking to the content. That is the reason, for your backlinking strategy, you should begin by writing extraordinary content.

In other words, you have to compose content that is superior to other content in your industry.

Leverage Relations with Public:

Building relationships with public (other authors, content creators, etc.) is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to build quality backlinks. Truth be told, public relationships are eventually the way in which you will create great quality backlinks to your site.

At the point when others don't have the foggiest idea about your website, they won't backlink to your site. In this way, while relationships won't quickly improve your rankings, it will set you up for future achievement.

So, leveraging relationships with public is maybe the most important aspect in your backlinking venture. One incredible approach to begin building relationships is by being active on social media.

Create Infographics:

Everyone likes infographics. As they are visual and simple to examine, blog readers love to explore and browse through them. That implies content advertisers love to share them on websites or blog posts.

And on the off chance that you make an infographic for your website and somebody shares it on their site, they need to link to your website. You can easily make an infographic for nothing or a little cost by purchasing templates from sites like Pixabay, Freepik, etc.

Always do Original Study:

Doing original study is another incredible way to make content that motivates backlinks. On the off chance that you have information that nobody else on the Internet has, that makes you a significant asset.

Furthermore, when different content creators or writers need to reference your study, they need to give a backlink from where they got it. It simply means your website will get a backlink.

Write Testimonials on Other Websites:

Writing reviews or testimonials for different products and services inside your industry may sound outlandish. All things considered, you would prefer not to expand their ability to take your clients or customers.

Yet, doing as such may really be a smart idea for your backlinking strategies and SEO. When you do this, the site will regularly manage a spot for a backlink to your website.

Do External Linking:

You can simply link to another site's content or blog post. After that, contact them and let them know that you loved their content or post so much that you even shared it on your website. This type of interactions are valuable and important touch points. You're not simply building your brand awareness, but you're also building a relationship.

What's more, since you provided them with a backlink, it's not improbable that they'll give back a backlink to your website later on. So, it’s a win-win situation.

Comment on Blog Posts:

Apart from doing external linking, you also need to consider commenting on blog posts of other websites. It is an incredible method to start building the relationships that backlinks opt for is by commenting on other websites content.

While you may at times have a chance to carefully incorporate a backlink in your comment, as a general rule, the comment should be for the primary reason of building a relationship with the post author.

Social Signals Aligning:

In case, you're not kidding about building the backlinking strategies and improving your website’s rank, then social signals aligning is an unquestionable requirement.

They can communicate with search engines and tell how updated and active your site is. Furthermore, the more active and updated your site, the better will be your rankings.


So, these are some of the best ways using which you can build quality backlinks for your new website. All these backlinking strategies ultimately revolve around quality content and public relationships. So, take care of these aspects.

Try all these methods and do let us know how they work for your backlinking strategy.

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